Dialogue & Friendship Dinners


Dialogue is the cornerstone of relations in today’s world. Every year, Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Ottawa offers an amazing dinner where people from all walks of life participate and communicate with each other.


Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa aims to promote enduring interfaith and intercultural corporation, tolerance and dialogue by sharing the differences and similarities in cultures in an effort to achieve global peace in the foreseeable future.


Unity at Dusk: “An Intercultural Friendship Iftar Mosaic 2024”

Come join us for a night of delicious food and great company at our Friendship Iftar Dinner event! Let’s break our fast together and enjoy a feast filled with laughter and friendship. This in-person event is the perfect opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones. The Intercultural

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Honors Iftar Community Friendship Dinner

Ottawa, March 21,2024 –  In a heartfelt message to attendees of the Iftar Community Friendship Dinner, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his warmest greetings, acknowledging the deep-rooted traditions and contributions of the Muslim community to the nation’s multicultural mosaic. “Dear Friends, As we gather here today, it brings me

2022 Multicultural Event

It was a wonderful day! Thanks to Glen Gower for the invite first-ever Stittsville Multicultural Event. Remarkable way to bring the community together along with Mayor Jim Watson.  

2022 Tulipathon

IDI Ottawa had a wonderful time at Tulipathon 2022 walkathon in honour of Multifaith Housing Initiatives (MHI) 20th anniversary. Thanks everyone for all the efforts.