Dialogue In Action


We strive to promote social cohesion through three different levels: bringing together social groups directly, empowering others to do the same, and developing dialogue and community building thinking. Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa activities include not only connecting communities, empowering engagement, and inspiring ideas but also discussion forms, seminars, workshops, conferences, and action on street.


We target an audience that reflects proportional cross-section of people from where is backgrounds living and working in the regions in which we operate.  

Aside from bringing people from different cultures and religions together, we also aim to bring them together from the academic stakeholder, and media sectors. Within all these sectors, professionals and volunteers can have a significant impact on society. In spite of the fact that each sector has a role to play in bringing about a more cohesive and emphatic society. However, they can easily become insular and lack communication channels. As a result of, we aim to creative, constructive dialogue between the different sectors, which will inform and enhance the work of every one of them.


Ottawa group celebrates International Women’s Day through cross-cultural activities

The Ottawa chapter of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute celebrated International Women’s Day with a women-only event featuring cross-cultural activities. This gathering showcased the contributions of women through volunteerism and emphasized the importance of recognizing the cultural gifts within the community.   The event included a meditation session, traditional Chinese dance,

2024 Black Youth Action Showcase

Black Youth Action Showcase Celebrates Black Excellence During Black History Month Ottawa, February 24, 2024 – In a remarkable demonstration of unity and recognition, the Black Youth Action Showcase took place this past weekend, drawing attention to the remarkable talents and achievements of Black youth within our community. Hosted by

Turkey & Syria Earthquake Fundraiser Dinner

On the evening of February 15th, 2023, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa Center played host to an unforgettable fundraising dinner in support of its programs and initiatives. The event drew a diverse crowd of over 100 guests, including community leaders, elected officials, and devoted supporters from various cultural backgrounds. The

Social Art Night

Our talented Artistic Instructors will help you master some fun painting techniques. Personalize your painting in anyway and show off your creativity – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! What is included -1 hour of guided painting with the Pop up painters artist. -9″ x 12″ canvas for each artist -Everything needed for

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a significant holiday in Canada and many countries. The holiday is known for bringing people together which Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa aims to facilitate. It is the time of year when families and friends who haven’t met each other in a long time sit together to eat festive