Ottawa group celebrates International Women’s Day through cross-cultural activities

The Ottawa chapter of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute celebrated International Women’s Day with a women-only event featuring cross-cultural activities. This gathering showcased the contributions of women through volunteerism and emphasized the importance of recognizing the cultural gifts within the community.


The event included a meditation session, traditional Chinese dance, and a Brazilian dance class, aiming to foster unity and understanding through shared experiences in food, dance, and meditation.


A heartfelt thank you to Faith Greco, editor-in-chief of the Charlatan,  for spotlighting this vibrant event in her corner, celebrating International Women’s Day through a tapestry of cross-cultural activities in Ottawa. Her initiative underscores the power of community and cultural exchange, enriching our understanding and appreciation of diverse traditions. For a deeper dive into the event’s highlights and its impact, visit the Capital Current article.

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