Community & Friendship Dinner at Parliament Hill

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not forget about the earthquake victims in Turkey during his message at the Community and Friendship iftar held at the Parliament building in Ottawa.

In his message, Trudeau said that he is proud to live in a country where diversity is the greatest strength in an era where some voices around us try to sow the seeds of division. He emphasized the importance of events that encourage people to come together, learn more about each other, and defend each other, especially in times like these. “To everyone here today – whether you are fasting or not, I hope this holy month of Ramadan gives you an opportunity to reflect on the values of compassion, gratitude, and generosity that are close to your heart,” said the Canadian Prime Minister, who also mentioned the earthquake victims in Turkey in his message. “I want to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to think about those who are suffering terrible pain in Turkey due to the earthquake today. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake, and our hearts are with those who have lost loved ones. Our government will continue to stand by those in need, because only by standing together can we overcome the toughest challenges.”

More than two hundred guests, including senators, members of parliament, and Canadian natives, attended the iftar program organized by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) and the Ottawa Police. In his opening speech at the event, IDI Executive Director Fatih Gencoglu said that the iftar they organized in line with the theme of the program, “Building Partnerships; Strengthening Community Ties, Dialogue, and Understanding,” has been widely accepted by all segments of society.

Speaking at the program and also reading Prime Minister Trudeau’s message, MP Jenna Sudds praised the IDI institute, saying that she attends almost every event organized by IDI. Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs also highlighted the importance of such events for a peaceful city in his speech at the program. Rhoda Foundation Executive Director Hamdi Ben Aissa found the iftar to be very meaningful and drew attention to the relationship between iftar and the police. Aissa also mentioned verses from the Qur’an related to security and emphasized the importance of Ramadan and fasting.

The program was very rich in content, and the English-language video visuals related to Ramadan and fasting were highly appreciated. At the end of the program, the speakers were presented with plaques and awards.



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